At Global Footprint, we have the experience in entering and setting up businesses in over 20 emerging markets. Our experience has enabled companies to reduce the regulatory timeframe for product registration; define the best sales channels; conduct primary and secondary market research; identify and qualify direct and indirect sales channel partners and employees; and reduce various other barriers to entry to drive profitable growth.


India Footprint

India Footprint services focuses on helping companies establish a strong footprint in India and grow sales.
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Emerging Markets Footprint

Emerging markets represent a strong growth potential for most companies. With growth and changing dynamics of population, focus on improving healthcare, and an interest to adopt new technologies companies should develop appropriate strategies to enter selected emerging markets.
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Supplier Footprint

Our experienced team can help you find the most qualified Asian suppliers for your medical products. Supplier Footprint can help you identify and qualify suppliers, conduct due diligence, ensure compliance with US and European standards, and more.
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